Professor Ranjit de Silva speaking to the media

Several Provincial Badminton Associations officials are getting together to save the sport badminton from further deterioration in the hands of the present president of the Sri Lanka Badminton Association Suraj Dandeniya.

This group led by former President Professor Ranjit de Silva told the media that they had sent a letter to the new minister of sports Navin Dissanayake about the current situation of the sport. They alleged that the administration has gone haywire at present and nothing is done in accordance with the stipulated rules and norms governing the sport.
Firstly, they say that Dandeniya is not eligible to contest the election as he has already completed the two year term in office in accordance to clause 13 (1) and that he should obtain special permission from the ministry to contest again. This permission has not been submitted by the new minister.

They also allege that Dandeniya has not represented Sri Lanka at badminton which is against clause 14 of the regulations.

Dandeniya does not also meet the requirements in clause 13 (2) because he has not submitted the annual accounts for 2014 which should have been done latest by February 2015.

Earlier, the World Badminton Federation (WBF) had sent a letter to the association that Sri Lanka would be suspended if proper elections were not held by June 30. Now the election is expected to be conducted on July 27th with the supervision of the Ministry of Sports. This will not be accepted by the WBF and Sri Lanka face the suspension after this. If this happens the players will not be able to participate in foreign tournaments until the suspension is lifted which will take a long time.

Professor de Silva also accuses Dandeniya for the drop in ranking of Sri Lanka in the world list. Sri Lanka has dropped from the 30’s to 42 at present.

Professor de Silva, Louie Karunaratne and several other veteran administrators of Badminton is endeavouring to save the game in the country. There are no practices for the pool players and there is no national coach.

“We have to save the game for the sake of the players who it is for them that we have to put things on the correct path. Officials come and go but the players stay for a long time and it is for their sake that the association should be saved from disgrace in the face of the world. There is no standard in our players who go for international events and fall in the first round itself,” observed Professor de Silva.