Archery will be introduced to the multi-events calendar of the Travel Trade Sports Club.
The inaugural TTSC Archery Championships 2015, sponsored by Yeneesha Travels will be held on Friday, 24th July at the Colombo Archery School, Longdon Place, Colombo 7, commencing 5 pm.

Applications have been invited from the TTSC Membership, and will close on Monday, 20th July at 3 pm with Shan Perera, C/O Singapore Airlines, Aitken Spence Tower II, 315 Vauxhall Street, Colombo 2.

The tournament will be conducted on a team Championship basis, consisting three Archers. Each team will get 12 shots for scoring (4 arrows/one round); scorers will be calculated as team, as well as individually. The team score will be calculated out of 120 points and individual score out of 40 points.

Based on team scoring the four top scoring teams will advance to the semi-finals where each team will get 6 arrows. (2 x 3)A real ‘Bull’s Eye’ for the Travel Trade Sports Club. (LW)