He is deaf, dumb and silly, but his political blood must be Royal blue while the soldiers’ blood shed in battle is red. (Anon) Sri Lanka produces politicians like this every minute. They are stupid, ignorant and arrogant but at the drop of a hat they wish to exhibit to us they consider to be country bumpkins, what they fondly believe is stupendous knowledge-like the ‘Latimer principles’.

Our man, from the now fast liquidizing Yahapalanaya of highly qualified, virtuous (self-proclaimed), educated, literate, blue blooded Royals, has decided to shoot off his version of military history at a news conference on 14 July 15. He has discovered that “During the First World War (1914-18) Napoleon Bonaparte considered invincible but was beaten at the battle of Waterloo. Adolph Hitler, the supreme commander of the armed forces during WW2 was also defeated in a similar fashion”. This apparently would be the fate of MR.
History records the battle of Waterloo was fought about 200 years ago on 16 June 1815, nearly a 100 years before the end of WW2. This was after the 100 hectic and reckless days of a final Napoleon adventure after Elba. Hitler, a corporal in the German Army in WW1, became Reich Chancellor and Fuhrer within 13 years and commander in chief of the Wehrmacht. But he was never the ‘supreme commander of the Armed Forces in WW2’. The ‘Armed Forces’ that took part in WW2 were led by their respective nationals and except for Germany’s, not Hitler. Hitler’s authority over the German armed forces ran from his personal HQ –OKW-(Obercommando der Wehrmacht) to Army high command –OKH- and then directly to the army groups but direct operational command was left to its experts as happens in most countries.

The amazing if not ridiculous thing is that this ‘historian’ seeks to compare earth-shaking and epic wars of the past 2 centuries to a 2015 political campaign in SL and its fast appearing to be chief if not only protagonist, to the former Emperor of France (1769-1821) and the Dictator of Germany (1889-1945) who both conquered most of Europe. They had armies of many millions that killed millions. Napoleon’s biggest defeats were in Russia and Spain not at Waterloo which was his last. Hitler’s most decisive defeat was also in Russia (Stalingrad and Kursk). Our man completely defeated the local terrorists who held sway for 26 years due to policies of appeasement of his predecessors; who read great books on history while the war raged, leaving 100,000 dead.
So is the 2015 general election about this SL man who is compared to Napoleon and Hitler and no one else? What a Himalayan enterprise this election has become – to hopeful ignoramuses. What a man made mountain and what a shivering little mole (hill).
A. Patabendige