LG Electronics recently launched the LG Prime UHD TV with amazing picture quality true to colours of nature. What you see on a TV screen shouldn’t be any different from what you see in real life.

The LG Prime UHD TV is the world’s first 64-bit Processor TV with Triple XD Engine to bring true colour reproduction and expression through nano spectrum technology and ultra luminance. LG’s fast performing Quad Core lets you enjoy high speed smart TV. If you compare it to a motor car, LG Prime UHD TV is a super car which has engine displacement of 5000cc and can accelerate up to 400km per hour, while its competitor has engine displacement of 4000cc and 2000cc and can only accelerate up to 300km per hour.

LG Prime UHD TV also comes with 4K Upscaler to upgrade ordinary picture quality to UHD level, Colour Prime to express natural colours based on excellent colour reproducibility and Ultra Luminance to express images more clearly by applying increased contrast ratio. Prime Mastering Engine depicts more colour and better gradation with enhanced contrast ratio on top of True 4K Engine.

Competitors can emphasize only hidden colours, detail and sense of immersion. However, in the LG Prime UHD TV these are only the basics. True Super UHD TV means the TV equipped IPS-based, distortion free wide viewing angles, a slim design despite its large screen size, an eye friendly 3D display and even Smart TV.

Colour Prime is LG’s unique technology that allows the screen to express colours that are displayed on conventional TVs by widening the LCD TV’s colour reproduction range through Nano Spectrum Technology. Colour Reproduction is a measurement of how well the colours of images transmitted from broadcasting stations are reproduced on a TV. Higher numbers mean more complete colour expression.

Ultra Luminance allows the TV to express brightness and darkness perfectly. The brightness of the dark areas is reduced and the saved energy is used in the bright areas. This leads to the dark area looking darker and the bright areas looking brighter. If you watch a fireworks display on LG Prime UHD TV, you will feel the same as if you were actually watching it live at the festival. In addition UHD images are expressed without any loss and FHD images are upscaled to UHD images through six different improvement levels.

Enjoy premium sound that benefits a premium TV. In an orchestra, musical instruments create beautiful harmonies by following the lead of the conductor. The Prime Mastering Engine works like the conductor and balances the various elements of a picture, creating perfect harmony and synergy. The sound of the world-renowned Harman/kardon delivers a sensation never before experienced in a television.

The LG Prime UHD TV stands out from other UHD TVs as it sports the world’s best IPS panel. IPS 4K expresses colours accurately on a large screen. In addition this panel is applied with differentiated technology and therefore the screen does not get distorted with blurred images even when it is tapped or subjected to pressure.