The Department of Elections might be forced to relocate close to 150 polling stations located in Buddhist temples as they are occupied by monks who will be contesting the upcoming General Election.

Addressing a media briefing today, Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya revealed his department will have to relocate between 100-150 polling stations that were originally located at temples as they now contained monks who were contesting the General Election.

“As we experienced sometime back, we have a significant number of Buddhist monks coming forward as candidates at this General Election. Therefore, naturally we won’t be able to use the temples where they reside as polling stations. We will have to relocate them all,” he stressed.

The Elections Commissioner cited this as the reason why the department has so far been unable to notify the exact number of polling stations to political parties and to the media thus far. However, Deshapriya said he expected the number of polling stations to be announced by next Monday.