The three rules of human interaction
1) Do not take yourself too seriously. If you do, you will find that someone has already had that thought, performed that action or made that contribution. The cat always had whiskers before you came along.

2) If you drink and get argumentative, REMEMBER that short-term memory loss is a blessing. If you do not drink, then shut the eff up and let the rest of us embarrass ourselves.

3) Friends and friendship is what it’s all about; people are not perfect and neither are your friends – do not defend the indefensible out of some twisted  sense of loyalty.

The e-services phenomenon
Remember when you used to walk into a bank, the passport office, a visa counter of a foreign mission or any other place offering you some kind of service? Remember filling out forms or rushing to those pavement typists for hire in the Fort, Pettah or Hulftsdorp area? Or to Maradana for a quick translation to go? That was then.

Now with e-services (and even m-services) the onus somehow has shifted. The paper-based application is entirely the responsibility of the applicant if she/he needs the service offered. The savings to the service provider in terms of printing and making available the forms is now entirely the customer’s responsibility. Now for ‘ease of access’ and ‘convenience’, the customer/client bears the cost of accessing the internet, downloading the forms, printing out the result/approval at their own expense. The savings in terms of human personnel to, print, distribute and process the forms is also reduced.

Seems like a good way to save money, nah? Now for you Luddites out there, next time say I do not have a computer, a printer or an internet connection, give me the effin’ form or else.

10 questions for the Sri Lankan cricket team and ‘interim’ administration
1)    Is Angelo a batsman or an all rounder? If the latter, shouldn’t he bowl more? If you want a token Tamil, bring back Sritharan Jeganathan. That was a guy who could bowl

2)    Should we keep Sanga on at no. 3? He is retiring soon. He has served his purpose (not too well in the 2nd innings against Pak at Galle). He may deserve his chance to pump up his average at 5 or 6. Or not. Who cares anymore?

3) What happened to Suranga Lakmal and Shaminda Eranga?

4) Jehan Mubarak???? Defies logic – or comment.

5) Rangana Herath is fatter than Don Anurasiri and seemingly cannot see the ball under his gut or chase it. It’s ok for the armchair expert in Colombo, but for a guy who is being paid gazillions of Rupees to represent SL and not spin the ball, it seems a bit rich.

6) We have had U-19, U-23(?), A-team cricket but how many top performers have been given a chance at the highest level? We see the same tired old non-performing faces.
7) Bits and pieces performers like the aforesaid Jehan M, Jeevan Mendis, Thilina K and their ilk have been given more than enough chances. Why not a young player. Do you have to be related like Marvan to get a second   chance?

8) Unless a Gwen Herat writes a superlative-riddled homily to “Lords” Sid Wettimuny, justifying his existence, what on earth has he done to revive cricket, other than earn the ire of the ICC?

9) Kaushal Silva is the real deal. Can SLC give him a five year contract with performance bonuses?

10) SLC is not a ‘club’ where you get together with your ’mates’ to have a nice time, earn lots of money and sell your country down the drain. You have 20 million+ stakeholders. Understand that. Can you?