Sivaloganathan Vithya

Mother – the female of this human species is the only one who can bear a child (male/female) into this world. This mother fearlessly, tirelessly carries the child for 10 months and delivers it into this world. The baby cries and is frightened of the lights and moving figures and wants to scuttle back into the mother’s womb where it felt safe, but the mother had pushed the baby along the birth canal into this alien world.

Life begins and has to go through all the seven stages in this human life! (in the words of poet William Shakespeare). For the girl it is a challenge to face life in this evil society of the humans as danger lurks at every nook and corner. Unfortunately, some of them fall victims to brutal sex violence from the age of five onwards and not only do they suffer at that stage but all through their life!

We have read many a rape case of innocent small children and in the case of Vithya, she was a budding schoolgirl of 18 years who had many a dream of becoming a professional to uplift the life of her parents, but fate hit her on this fateful day when she was gang raped and killed. These brutes not only satisfied their lust, they killed her, shattering all her dreams and the agony brought to her parents is immeasurable.

At least if they spared her life, she would have faced society bravely. The perpetrators of this untold misery of rape and murder must be brought to justice like in many countries (especially in the Middle East) and should be castrated and stoned to death. These criminals should be handed over to parents of the victim to deal with – no blood money!
Rape of innocent children should not be tolerated and these sex thirsty brutes must be castrated, walked naked in public and be beaten to death by the public not hanged as death is instant and don’t suffer as these evil elements should not exist in a civilized human race as a lesson to others at large.

Technology has advanced to such an extent that the very existence of God is being challenged and these religions’ teachings have no meaning at all for these sex perverts. Sex is a natural act but let these perverts satisfy their lust with prostitutes (let them get HIV AIDS!). Rape is not confined to our country alone. All developed countries make commercial sex available to curtail rape. This should be brought to our country as well so that the innocents like Vidya can escape.

Girls beware of these sex perverts, lest you also fall a victim. Don’t be alone, don’t speak to strangers, don’t accept chocolates and biscuits or cool drinks as they may contain sedatives, don’t trust anyone! You are born in this world as a human, live a morally well disciplined life, grow old gracefully, lead a contended life achieving great heights in this short span of life.

The whole country irrespective ethnicity, language, race, religion, color is in great pain and crying over this incident. Like in Pakistan (hanging brought back for rape) law should come very hard on criminals and clean this human race in Sri Lanka free of extortion, abduction, maiming, ransom, robbery, fraud, cheating, etc and make Sri Lanka a model. Let us all human beings in Sri Lanka live in peace and tranquility.
Kingsley Durairaj