Aries (Mesha): A decline in your status, living comforts and circumstances warranting your absence from home are in the offing with Sun moving from your 3rd House on July 17 and Jupiter leaving your 4th House on July 14. However, Lagnadhipati Mars continuing transit in the 3rd House in the company of Mercury will prevent a sharp drop from your present position of influence and authority. Jupiter-Venus combination in Leo in the 5th Moolatrikona effective from July 14 is likely to enhance your fortunes in a different direction. For instance, you can look forward to marital happiness, reunion with family members and rewards and high recognition for your efforts and skills in sports, performing arts and academic sphere depending on your present circumstances.

Taurus (Vrushabha): A decisive week signifying new directions in your affairs and new vistas on your outlook on life lies ahead. The Sun moving into Cancer in the 2nd House soon after Jupiter leaving Cancer for the Leo sign in the 4th House is likely to bring about many more changes for the better. Swakshetra Mercury-Mars combination in the 2nd House gives a positive bent to your thinking in addition to increased wealth, domestic peace and happiness. You are assured of success in educational pursuits and plans for foreign travel as well as enhanced living comforts with the powerful Venus-Jupiter combination in the 4th quadrant.

Gemini (Mithuna): Jupiter moving into Leo in the 3rd House to conjoin Venus already there heralds a favorable time for natives engaged in literary pursuits. Mars in the Lagna making you energetic, dynamic and proactive and acquires an intellectual dimension thanks to Mercury attaining conjunction with him. Besides, Mercury Swakshetra in the Lagna generates the effects of Bhadra Yoga which adds a magnetic quality to your personality. But you have to act with restraint and foresight. You are also prone to accidents that can cause head injuries.

Cancer (Kataka): You lose a source of great strength when Jupiter moves into Leo in your 2nd House to be conjunct with Venus already placed there. However, the Sun moving into your Lagna on July 17 will imbue you with drive and dynamism. Mercury Swakshetra in the 12th House generating the beneficial results of Vimala Yoga will set off the evil effects of produced by Mars in the 12th to a great extent. The week ahead is not favorable for any event relating to matrimony. A new zest for life, a positive mindset and increased self-confidence will enable you to look forward to the future with hope and anticipation. Both your career and status continue to be stable. Rahu in the 3rd House is capable of countering malefic planetary influences to a great extent and further stabilizing your status.

Leo (Simha): Your fortunes will receive a boost when Jupiter moves into your Lagna on July 14 to conjoin Venus already placed in it. Your affairs are due to stabilize shortly. There can be a change in your career in the offing or you may get a strong inclination to look for an alternative occupation. Swakshetra Mercury-Mars combination in the 11th House will bring you an increased income and general business success. Now that Saturn in your 4th House no longer receives the special beneficial aspect of Jupiter, you have to pay special attention to the health and security of your mother and exercise foresight and prudence in regard to matters pertaining to your residence, lands and vehicles.

Virgo (Kanya): You are a great beneficiary of the Sun moving into Cancer on July 17. Lagnadhipati Mercury Swakshetra in the 10th House will add strength to Mars already in the House commanding Digbala. You can also look forward to a rise in career, fame and gainful foreign travels if your Dasas are also favorable. Jupiter-Venus combination in the 12th House will find you engaged in activity aimed at alleviating the suffering of the lesser fortunate and providing succor to the needy and the destitute.

Libra (Thula): Jupiter’s movement to Leo in your 11th House from the 10th signifies the possibility of a change in status in the profession/occupation depending on the Dasas in currently in operation. You are fortunate that the Sun is due to enter your 10th House soon after Jupiter leaving it. Lagnadhipati Venus will gain immense strength when Jupiter enters your 11th House on July 14 to bring you increased wealth, the pleasure of the company of your friends and business success. Mercury-Mars combination in the 9th House can enhance your status and prosperity and give you gainful distant travels.

Scorpio (Vrushika): Venus will cease to produce unfavorable results and will turn beneficial instead when Jupiter conjoins it in your 10th House on July 14. General prosperity, honors, wealth and career success are on the cards thanks to the influence of Venus-Jupiter combination. However, Mars in the 8th House is a warning for you to be on the watch out for a possible untoward incident that could be a threat to your life. The ongoing period is not favorable for any event connected with matrimony either. You have to keep a cool head and avoid taking rash action which you may have to regret later.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): You are also a great beneficiary of your Lagnadhipati Jupiter’s movement into your 9th House to be conjunct with Venus already there. Your Lagna gets further fortified due to Jupiter being able to cast his special aspect on it from his mansion. You can look forward to a sharp rise in your fortunes if your Dasas are also favorable. Delayed marriage will materialize and there will be a change for the better in all affairs. The 10th lord Mercury in your 7th House producing the effects of Bhadra Yoga also greatly strengthens your 7th House holding out honors and gains in foreign lands, benefits from spouse and even a rise in your career. You are advised to act with restraint and foresight in regard to all matters as you are under the phase one of the Shani Lagna Erashtaka.

Capricorn (Makara): You are to lose much of the beneficial influence of Jupiter when it moves into Leo in your 8th House on July 14. However, Jupiter being in the 8th House as the lord of the 12th House will fortify you with integrity and invincibility among other benefits. Mercury Swakshetra in the 6th House will reinforce the beneficial results produced by Jupiter in the 8th House. Besides, mars in the 6th House can endow you with power and influence. The Sun due to enter your 7th House on July 17 is not favorable for matrimonial matters. Gainful foreign travel strongly indicated with Swakshetra Rahu in the 9th Moolatrikona.

Aquarius (Kumbha): Jupiter due to enter the 7th House on July 14 is very favorable for planning to embark on matrimony. Academic success in the fields of science and mathematics in particular is in store thanks to the beneficial influence of Swakshetra Mercury and Mars in your 5th House. High recognition and honors are also on the cards for the natives excelling in sports and performing arts. But they have to control strong emotions and passions. The Sun due to enter your 6th House on July 17 will strengthen your position of authority.

Pisces (Meena): You may have to face a drop in your fortunes when Jupiter moves from Cancer in the 5th House to Leo in your 6th House on July 14. However, Swakshetra Mercury in your 4thHouse producing the beneficial results of Bhadra Yoga will redeem what you lose to some extent. For instance, those in academic fields will gain high recognition and honors. Gainful foreign travel is on the cards for natives running the Rahu Maha Dasa. At the moment your greatest source of income is Swakshetra Mercury in the 4th House assuring you of living comforts and general prosperity.