“Only one night,” said my mother,
“Tomorrow morning I’ll be back.
Tightly close all doors and windows
Don’t open, even if someone calls.”
She went away leaving me alone
To spend the night at her ancestral home.
Closing the doors and windows as promised
Switching off the lights, in bed I was.

Signs of a heavy rain developed-
Winds roared; lightning flashed;
Thunders rolled on as waters splashed
Listening to those sounds, I lay awake.

Someone was softly knocking at the door
Scared I was, “Who’s that?” I thought
“A burglar!” I panicked, how helpless I was!
Tightening the blanket, my eyes I tightly closed.

With the roaring rain that was passing through
Hardly I heard any other sound.
Throughout the night, I was fast asleep
Until the sun-rays woke me up.
Opening the door to walk out into the garden
To see the havoc the rains have done,
Oh! What a sight that caught my eyes
My nocturnal visitor was sleeping on our doormat.

Our pet cat, Kitty was staring at my face
With two little kittens enfolded in her arms.
For I have barred the door for her entrance,
She had opted to sleep on our rough doormat.
While the rains and the winds were howling through
She had given birth to two little kittens.
Oh, what a pity, my mother was not there
With a heavy heart, I fondled all three.

Lalitha Somathilaka