The Government has begun process to formulate a long-term economic roadmap where certain key aspects of which would be revealed to the public through the election manifesto of the United National Party (UNP).

Accordingly, a committee consisting of UNP MPs and professionals are in the process of drafting the long term economic outlook for the next five years. Experts and analysts earlier urged that that a new government should prioritize economic reforms.

Accordingly, experts pointed out that Sri Lanka needed a clear path and reforms on aspects of the economy such as foreign investment, transportation, agriculture and education. In addition, analysts also suggested political parties to incorporate their economic plans and goals in their respective election manifestos for the people to have a better understand where the country would head under a particular government.

Deputy Minister of Highways and Investment Promotion, Eran Wickramaratne speaking to The Nation Gain stated that reforms were being formulated and the people would be provided with a clear knowledge of the party’s economic policies for the future. “The people need to know what is in store for them. We will indicate our plans through the manifesto,” he said.

It was speculated that the UNP would release a draft of its economic proposals ahead of the elections for public opinion. However, Wickramaratne said that it would not be done so. “We will include the key aspects of the policies in our manifesto,” he said.