What are the benefits that a person can derive by doing sports? Doing a sport or a game is very important, especially for those who work with their brains during the day and also for the students because sports and games help to maintain a good mental state.

Have you heard of the popular saying ‘ A healthy mind in a healthy body’? Do you know what that proverb means? This means if an individual is healthy in his body, his mind too becomes healthy. So, how can a person make both his body and mind healthy?

Some people think that having nutritious food alone helps a person to be healthy. Some others think that people who work a lot can remain healthy by resorting to relaxation. By having nutritious food, our bodies can be healthy, but not our minds.
However, most people don’t understand the importance of engaging in sports and games. Sports are much more important than watching television, getting rest, listening to music, having naps, etc., during our free time.

Sports and games develop mental, physical and social well- being of an individual. We gain pleasure while doing sports. Indoor games like chess, draught and carom help to improve the thinking power of an individual as well.

Also when we compete in different sports, our main intention is to achieve victory although we cannot always win. That is the nature of any sport. We must remember that we have to accept both victory and defeat. So we must always be patient and learn to accept both victory and defeat.

In addition, sports make the body of an individual stronger. They help to develop our body physically. This will prevent us from being affected by various diseases. Moreover, when we do sports regularly, numerous abilities, skills and talents are developed.

Sports and games teach us team spirit and fair play. For example, team playing games like netball, volleyball, cricket, football make members of the team to cooperative. Also the qualities like respecting others, accepting others’ suggestions and agreeing with others are developed.

When working as a group, team spirit is developed. This is very important to gain victory. Keeping both our minds and body healthy means, we can be healthy both physically and mentally. It helps to inculcate lots of attributes as well as gaining courage, facing challenges and in order to gain new experiences.

Dear children, you should not just be bookworms studying inside a room. In order to get a break, do some sports or games. In some or other way that will also be helpful in your studies too.