Any coin has two sides. This was proved beyond reasonable doubt by this brilliant exposition by Mr. Indika De Fonseka under the caption ‘Portrait of a real life Jason Bourne’ in the Sunday edition of The Nation of 24. 05. 2015. Words fail me to adequately express my admiration at such a dispassionate and objective view of a very sordid unfortunate nay disastrous experience in his life. In point of fact, to me, it is more of a piece of literature than just a true story.

Better late than never. It is high time we faced reality. LTTE has not been the only perpetrators of terrorist acts. What about those committed by successive government. Just to record two of many instances. 147 persons who sought refuge in a church at Navali were shot to death. Not once but twice, schoolchildren in school uniform were shot to death in broad daylight Are these acts of terrorism?

So let us cease harping on the past, learn from history and start afresh. Yes, the actual terrorists are those keeping on singing parochial and chauvinistic tunes for personal ends.
Mr. Fonseka’s letter is a refreshing reminder that all is not lost. Even if there are 10 percent of Sri Lankans with the mindset of Mr. Fonseka, the future of Sri Lanka as a healthy and harmonious nation is assured.
S S Ratnam