Set once upon a time
When all hailed the crown
And allied to say ay! ay!
A group of men stood side by side
Within the safe bastions of a friendly smile
Granted to them by the British isle.

We sat around to investigate
“What did this council approved play have to replicate?”
There we found in a time out of date
That times can change, but man’s sentiment a capricious lasting state.

But in relevance one finds the joy
Of being able to associate
And in a room we sat to find soldiers await a battle
That, we Sri Lankans never commemorate.

In a grotesque realm that fumed the Lankan skies two decades long;
Tainted the light a vermilion woebegone.
An era when parents lost their children, families and their homes,
A time when blood was made trivial as sweat and humanity question its worth:
Ample stories to heal our Lankan growth.
The British Council  presents a lament of its empires girth.

Let me not spoil the plot
And ruin an interesting night out
This play gave me an appetite
So, it’s interesting, no doubt.
If you watch it again then I hope you watch out
Not to let your children in for they might bring home words that might bestow them a clout.
By Aslam Marikar