“Must teach Ranil a lesson”, that was how a Sri Lankan voter thought loud to his companion while having his fitness walk one morning, standing on a side of the walkway blaming Ranil for what he had done or not done. It was just six months ago an over-confident politician was sent home, forgetting all the good things that happened during his time, for the glaring blunders that made the voters to teach him a lesson. In Sri Lankan Politics, ‘Teaching Lessons’ has become the standard norm. That teaching is done by way of rejecting someone or some party or both. Usually all parties are hijacked by more enterprising individuals.

It is all about the misuse of power vested in governments run by the relevant politicians. Now Ranil is to be taught a lesson for some crimes for which he has become responsible by being an accomplice as that ‘Voter’ may have seen. That way he has qualified himself to be taught. In the meantime, the other person who was taught a lesson on 08th of January 2015 seems to be back again in the scene ready to romp around as if no lessons were taught to him. Or is it because, he has passed a new test where it is now proved beyond doubt that the lessons given to him have been meaningfully effective?
Anyway, those lessons are not about the real priorities of the people. The history of Sri Lankan representative democracy does not show any dedicated principles and policies developed on such. It had always been the assumptions made whether right or wrong and the ‘Voters’ who should have been the real teachers have been compelled to be some passive bystanders, and as usual, manipulations are done elsewhere.

What Sri Lanka and its people suffer from are the maladies that have been there and continued due to the absence of properly connected remedial action. Instead, individuals are sought and found for punishments that may vary from legitimate to illegitimate measures, making a big drama about the process. The lessons do not have a logical process as the objective is the possible meanest punishments that can be given to the ‘wrong doers’.

Absence of rationale
If the ‘Voters’ are really rational, the whole process would be sincere and honest. That way chasing mainly genuine needs of the people. If our nation is really geared to chase such objectives, then, the individuals and parties shall not matter. Only the principles and methods will be important.

As the root causes are never looked for but only solutions are sought, the most essential factors in success are also ignored or neglected. Main attention is the ‘Glorification’ and therefore, the principles and methods do not become important. There are many ‘parents’ to claim and share the glory of success stories while all the failures are ‘bastards’. Such are attached to those who are to be taught lessons. There is nothing wrong in teaching wrongdoers.

But , there again, those figureheads who are in the forefront do not really know their roles as they are busy in representing some ‘party’ or ‘parties’. The natural reaction for such a ‘party’ is to blame the others who are against. Initially, they become agitated and start shouting slogans to bring down the ‘enemy’ and therefore there is no necessity to be rational. In this process the whole scene gets divided into two categories and one is the set of ‘Full Time Activists’ who seem to be the ‘controlling team ‘ of a ‘Party” and the members of such a team will be the deciding factor in identifying the possible justifications for which they become all out engaged in promoting the stand taken in ‘opinion formation’. The second group is made up of the real ‘Voters’ . Most of whom do not bother or are unable to understand what it is all about.

Although it is professed that it is the ‘ultimate voter’ who functions as the ‘Final Decision maker’, in practice, it is obvious that they have been reduced to an ‘unavoidable and inconvenient necessity’ as far as the Political Strategists are concerned. It has become so due to the fact that the ‘Voters’ really do not have their own minds. For them, the thinking is done by the political strategists who have taken their stands and sides.
It is because the Voters’ knowledge about the matter dealt is pathetically not up to the required standard or just non-existent. That is why they become easily misled or taken down the garden path.

This is reality and we shall keep on having that for another term and achieve nothing unless all of us become really concerned this time so that wrong things shall not be repeated. It is a pity that a real ‘go getter’ like Gotabhaya who proved himself to be an effective taskmaster has also been put into the same category like such goons without whom this nation can do better. Immediately after getting the clearance, the indication by the former President that those supporters were victimized gives enough reasons for Voters to be more cautious this time to be more concerned about policies and goals.