‘Genesis: The Awakening’ official launch show of the Mesh Academy of Dance will take place in Sri Lanka later this month. The show will be held on July 11 to 12 at the British School Auditorium from 7.30pm onwards. Launched by Umeshi Rajeendra, the show will mesmerize audiences with its different techniques of dance, showcasing versatility at its best in conjunction with Professor Sandra Mathern of Denison University, USA. Proceeds from the show will be donated to Room to Read and the Celebral Palsy Foundation in support of educating the children of Sri Lanka and providing free movement.

Commenting on the show, Umeshi Rajeendra, founder and director, Mesh Academy of Dance stated: “We are incredibly excited to share how we can take dance through a journey of self-exploration of ideas, thoughts and feelings and convey this through the language of movement. Inspired by the idea of a ‘beautiful struggle’, Genesis is sure to awaken the souls within you. It is the ideal must watch show for all those who love art in any form.”

Ten Sri Lankan dancers with a strong dancing background will take on the stage of Genesis. The team will be joined by international participants Sandra Mathern and three Dance majors from Denison University, USA. The show aims to launch the Academy and introduce budding Sri Lankan dancers to personally experience dance in its rawest forms through contemporary dance, African diasporan and postmodern. These dancers will have the opportunity to discover and question their own ideas about identity, aesthetics,and cultural boundaries, while advancing their research agendas in dance pedagogy, movement transmission, and choreography. This rich cultural, physical and intellectual engagement in movement as a form of expression and communication is central to the rigorous study of dance in Mesh Academy of Dance, and will be a transformative experience for all involved.
Sandra Mathern, Professor of Dance at Denison University, USA, further stated: “Genesis: The Awakening is an incredibly exciting event, and we are eager to share our work and exchange ideas with Umeshi and her students. It is an honor to be a part of the grand launch of the Mesh Academy of Dance.”

Tickets can be purchased at the British school during the weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00pm and at Barefoot Café from 11:00am to 5:00pm on the weekends or online at Call 0765302714 or 0778415110 for more ticketing information or visit the Mesh Academy of Dance’s Facebook page at