Fear is a natural feeling. We all fear something or the other. This could be an animal, emotion, way of life or heights. Some people are claustrophobic while others are homophobic. While phobias need to be dealt with by psychologists and isn’t something that should be taken lightly, fears that aren’t serious enough to be called phobias are something we deal with on a daily basis.

Bayagulla is an insult used not only by children. This word addresses the fears of others and makes them feel ashamed. It can also have a drastic effect on the person being called a bayagulla.

Fears are hard to understand if you don’t fear that object yourself. For instance, most people love dogs and thus, they find it hard to understand why another would fear dogs. We tend to not be able to understand and accept what we don’t relate to.

However, we need to make an effort to understand and accept people’s fears. If we go back to the example of a fear of dogs, it must be understood that this fear will continue despite your claims that your dog doesn’t bite. Most people say this, even if the dog is a dachshund or a Rottweiler, ‘oh no! This boy doesn’t bite. He just wants to be your friend.’ However, this doesn’t ease the mind of the other person because the dog remains something they fear.

Further, making fun of a person’s fears isn’t funny. We are all afraid of something or the other, whether they are monsters under the bed, skeletons in the closet or something small like caterpillars, millipedes or spiders. While we must make an effort to overcome our fears, people need to also understand that fears aren’t easy to overcome. While there is anxiety involved when facing your fears, there is added anxiety when being forced to deal with fears especially in a way you aren’t comfortable with.
So be mindful when dealing with people. Don’t make fun of them.

Sometimes it’s done with good intentions but it can have a serious and adverse effect on others. Even a single word you say can cause more harm than you think it will. For instance, if you ask people the reason why they fear certain things, their stories will give you insight to their lives and why they behave the way they do. For some, a fear of snakes comes from having stepped on one as a child. For others, a fear of water can come from having being pushed into a pool.

Trivial or minor matters go a long way and affect us in the long run. Fears are often a result of seemingly insignificant incidents. You may not relate to another’s fears, but you need to accept and respect them. This is important, not only for others but for you too.