Dhanushka Sapugasthanna | Randil Boteju

Nations Trust Bank, one of the fastest growing banks in Sri Lanka offers customers easy to use financial products, supported by the streamlined branch and online access, faster services and dependable technology that lives up to the goal of becoming the Primary Bank for customers everywhere.

The Bank has been offering Personal and Housing loans in the industry for over a decade now and has accelerated their loan facilities due to the conducive environment in the market place which has proved to be an added boon for the Bank.

Speaking to the Manager, Customer Assets, Dhanushka Sapugasthanna states that “the market has improved during the recent times enabling Nations Trust Bank to capitalize on the situation. Customers are looking for the best possible solutions for borrowing and with our customized approach the Bank is able to offer them tailor-made solutions. There is enough liquidity in the market and rates have come down to a recorded low level,” he said.

Speaking on the salient features Sapugasthanna stated that their schemes focus on addressing the needs of the customer and fulfilling them. “We look at flexibility and speed. The customer does not need to trouble himself/herself by long and unwanted processes,” he said.

Nations Trust Bank offers the best value proposition to customers with a wider range of repayment schemes. The loan product is also bundled with the Nations Salary Saver savings account and offers a series of benefits to a customer whose salary is credited to the bank on a monthly basis thereby giving them an opportunity to obtain a speedy loan facility.

What’s more the Nations Salary Saver account holders can enjoy facilities such as loan processing fee waivers, lower interest rates, a free debit card with no charges on the use of selected other bank ATMs, etc. when they obtain a loan though the Nations Salary Saver account.

Commenting on the process of how these loans are granted, Chief Manager Consumer Sales Randil Boteju stated, “We asses our customer’s need up-front and give them a total solution in the first instance. Customer is free to select the interest rate based on the tenor required 5 year fixed, 1 year fixed or floating. Further the flexibility that we have embedded to our total system has leveraged a speedy accurate service to our customers.”
Nations Trust Bank has a wide spread network of 91 branches island-wide, backed by effective ‘feet-on-street’ sales team.

This has resulted in having a wider reach amongst the public and adds convenience to our customers in applying for loans. Further being accessible through 365-day branch network and a Mobile Banking App and online platform that provides a state-of-the-art digital banking experience to our customers anywhere! Anytime!
Nations Trust Bank PLC is one of the fastest growing banks in Sri Lanka today, operating 91 branches and an ATM network covering 127 locations and is the issuer and sole acquirer for American Express® Cards in Sri Lanka