Watching or listening to news has priority in most of our daily routines.  Information, invention, politics, weather, or even gossip- if anyone who wants to know the latest updates; today we have avenues varying from television to radio, websites or even a simple text message. How about news in a form of a song, with a melody to suit each news story?

Rusiru Dissanayake, a young broadcaster, has given it an attempt putting recent news in to a song. Rusiru says that he was ‘tired of listening to songs with repetitive themes’ and wanted to try something new to escape these dull repetitions before it gets mind-numbing.

Rusiru’s news song is one-of-a-kind that he sings about few recent news incidents which grabbed the attention of the audience.  Rusiru further said that another purpose behind creating this ‘news-musical’ is that to keep the society in alert without letting the stories decay in our memory.

He believes that his experiences in the media field, especially what he gained at the news room of the radio channel he worked for, could be the inspiration behind this song. Rusiru currently works as a freelance journalist and he has his online radio station – Rusiru fm.

He fondly mentioned Tharanga Rukshan Jayasekara, lyricist of the news song and Shayan Fernando who came up with the melody for the song. “All of us are from the media field, therefore everyone knew how out of the ordinary this would become to make a song out of news stories,” he said recalling how Tharanga penned the lyrics while they were coming back after an event in Wellawatte. Although the song was written last year, it has taken them a year to complete it as a song. Rusiru said that they also have the idea of producing a music video but they gave up the idea temporarily due to financial concerns.

The News Song is Rusiru’s third song.  Being a music enthusiast he studies music and he said he has done these three songs in three consecutive years. Rusiru said that they felt blessed as some electronic media institutions have already accepted the song. Yet, he said that it was social media which helped them to popularize the song. The song is available on Youtube as ‘The News Song’. They’ve added ‘rata wata withthi’ to the name that the song can be easily found on Youtube among the number of foreign news songs.

Rusiru is thankful for all his friends and fans who enjoyed the song and made it a point to share the song on social media. He said that he received a lot of positive feedback from known and unknown people who happened to listen to the song on the internet. “Internet has its potential to help people like us,” he said. “If a person has a creation, he/she can have the help of the internet send it to their audience. Now we don’t have to wait until a radio or a television channel accepts our creation,” he further said.

Pics by Chandana Wijesinghe

rata wata withthi