The Department of Elections announced that the acceptance of nominations for the upcoming general elections will conclude at 12 noon on July 13 (Monday). Political parties and individuals will also be given a time to make complaints and air grievances regarding the nominations of other parties and independent groups. The time has been allocated from 12 noon to 1.30pm on Monday.

“President and the Prime Minister are solely responsible for the current situation. They reiterated the fact that that they are for clean politics and nominations will not be given to the corrupt politicians. However it is for the people to decide who should be elected,” He said.

PAFFREL Executive Director Rohana Hettiarachchi expressed that they expected the political parties to stand by what they signed on March 12. “This culture has been in force for many decades. We cannot expect them to adhere to the new system fully in such a short time. But a value was added when the party leaders endorsed it,” said Hettiarachchi.
He reveled that the election monitoring bodies have collectively agreed to distribute one million score cards to assist the voters to select the most suitable candidate. March 12 declaration was signed by all the political party leaders, including the Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, which was then handed over to the President. It contains a set of recommendations to be included in the proposed code of conduct.

National Polls Observations Center, convener, Rasanga Harischandra talking to The Nation mentioned that they received 17 cases related to election violence, 41 cases of misuse of state property and also several complaints have been made with regard to illegal appointments. He further mentioned that such appointments were made especially with regard to the Ministry of Health.

Commissioner of Elections Mahinda Deshapriya earlier announced that voters should apply for temporary identity cards before August 10. All who do not have valid identity cards have to apply through the relevant Grama Niladari or superintendent in their respective areas. Deshapriya has also allocated special time for voters, who are unable to vote due to fears prevailing in the areas they reside, to make requests regarding such issues.
As the election will be in keeping with the electoral registry-2014, the deadline to change one’s polling station expired on Friday (July10).

The department has also established district offices to submit complaints regarding the violation of election laws. These complaints can be made at the Centre for Election Complaints. Citizens are requested to send information via fax on 0112 877636, 0112887717 and 0112887718. People are also allowed to send information through electronic mail on

The applications for the postal voting will be received till July 14. The returning officers will endorse the lists of voters who use the postal voting on July 22. They can cast their postal votes on August 5th and 6th while  the teachers of the government schools can cast their votes at zonal education offices, divisional education offices and the national schools on August 03.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner also stressed that the parties or independent groups, who are not seriously contesting, but have submitted nominations with the sole intention of extending their support to another party or a candidate, will not be entertained and strict actions will be taken against such parties or independent groups.