Afterschool Centre for Career Development (ACCD) is pleased to participate in the global World Youth Skills Day on July 15; as declared by The United Nations, at its General Assembly in November 2014.

The UN designated day seeks to generate greater awareness of and discussion on the importance of technical, vocational education, and training and the development of other skills relevant to both local and global economies. It is hoped that it will contribute to reducing unemployment and underemployment among the youth across the globe.
It will highlight youth skills development to draw attention to the critical need for marketable skills. Afterschool Centre will support this globally-important topic via a twitter conversation event and campaign to raise awareness and recognize skilled young people in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.

In its inaugural year, Afterschool Centre has initiated activities to introduce the World Youth Skills Day and raise the profile of skilled young people through a photo campaign; #ShowyourskillsCampaign  to show the importance of acquiring skills for personal success and economic growth.

The ACCD is also hosting a twitter conference on World Youth Skills Day on July 15th 2015. Our line up of speakers includes:

Aruosa Osemwegie, Lead Consultant, Enable Africa & Programs Coordinator, the HR School

Ms. Confidence Tawo, Marketing and Interactive Media Manager at InfoGraphics Nigeria
Ravi Karkara, Strategic Adviser, Partnerships,Office of the Assistant Secretary-General/Deputy Executive at UN Women, New York, USA
Mrs Detoun Ogwo, Executive Director, Skills Development Practice, Lagos, Nigeria
Join us in celebrating and promoting World Youth Skills Day! :

Tweet at us @Afterschool_dev and follow the conversation via #YouthSkillsDay