Western Province Chief Minister, Prasanna Ranatunga has been given nominations to contest from the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) for the General Election, said the Joint Opposition in a special press briefing held today.

However,  Pivithuru  Hela  Urumaya (PHU) General Secretary, Udaya Gammanpila  admitted that there had been several issues earlier before the final decision was made. “Several sacrifices were made but finally happy to say that a lot of confusion and misunderstandings were cleared and we are ready to face the forthcoming election,” said Gammanpila.

He further mentioned that the UPFA is confident that they will win the election with a 7.1million votes and August 17 will be an historic day. “Past six months helped us to review our weaknesses and we will come back strong after August 17.” he said.

The Leader of the National Freedom Front, Wimal Weerawansa who was also present at the press briefing mentioned that on 13 July people will witness who has been given nominations and who has not.

“For the time being we can only mention that Prasanna Ranatunga has been given nominations and a few others from the UPFA will also get nominations soon,” said  Weerawansa. He also mentioned that media has published false stories on the UPFA nominations.

“Earlier the United National Party (UNP) accused the UPFA government for influencing state media. Now they are manipulating not only state media but media as a whole. Is this the media freedom they promised under the ‘so called good governance?’, he questioned.

UPFA Parliamentarians Bandula Gunawardena and Manusha Nanayakkara were also present at the media briefing.