The Health Ministry has so far received detailed reports on samples of 28 instant noodles that it had sent for laboratory tests for the presence of lead.

According to a media release issued by the Department of Government Information, the lead content in all 28 have not exceeded 0.3mg/kg, which is the maximum level of lead permitted in noodles according to the Australian standard, and which is the standard that Sri Lanka is currently going by.

As of July 3, 2015, a total of 102 samples of instant noodles belonging to all brands of noodles that are currently on the market in Sri Lanka have been sent by the Health Ministry for laboratory testing.

The samples are being tested at the Government Analyst’s Department and the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI).

However, the process of taking random samples of all imported instant noodles brands and sending them for tests in laboratories recognized by the Ministry of Health prior to them being released to the market would continue, the release further said. The Health Ministry has assured that measures to ensure public health protection would continue to be taken in this regard.