Many political devotees observed sil at the Medamulana Abhayaramaya last Wednesday.

Love for the sons
Many political leaders today don’t think about themselves, but think about their sons. Mahinda is not thinking about himself but about his sons. Vimal too seems to be thinking in that way. Dinesh and many others are the same. But Vasu may be different. He thinks about his beard.

Vijithamuni made Maharaja an appachchi. In retaliation, Professor Nalin is calling the Field Marshal a ‘vel vidane’. So, how can I see any difference between Vijjithamuni and Prof. Nalin?

August 17
The general election on August 17 will be a fierce battle. Two former presidents, three former prime ministers, two former CJs, sons of three former presidents, and a field marshal will be in the fight. But the main two camps may be identified-The Horagolla camp and the Medamulana camp.

Loving India
Though the Bodu Bala Sena shows they are anti Indian they took the part ‘Sena’ for their name from the Shiva Sena. Now they have formed a new party named the BJP. I can’t understand them.

Bandula is showing much energy these days. His dream to be the Minister of Education again is so powerful. Besides, as the minister, he took a few good measures, and made O/L Math not mandatory for doing AL in Aesthetic subjects.

Wimal is now behaving like a General. But Generals are no always lucky in Sri Lanka.

Mervyn’s song
Mervyn is saying that the people of Kelaniya request him to contest again.

The World Cup and the Gampaha Cup
Arjuna had won against Australia. But Prasanna now tries to be bigger than Australia.

Ranil and Anura
The UNP and the JVP are together with the same principle. No coalition(s)