Former President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam delivering the inaugural speech at the International Energy Symposium organized by the Ministry of Power and Energy in Colombo last week emphasized the need for member countries in the SAARC region to come together to achieve ‘energy independence’ by year 2030.

“All countries in the region have similar culture and environment. It is important that we come together as a region to get out of the dependence on fossil fuel and transform into renewable energy to make planet Earth a livable place. The current emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is over 30 GW each year around the world. We must come together to discuss, debate and share our knowledge and research in promoting green energy while reducing the consumption of fossil fuel,” he said.

The Energy Symposium was organized by the Ministry of Power and Energy under the theme Energy Challenges in a Knowledge Based Economy.

Kalam also said that energy independence could only be achieved by drastically reducing use of fossil fuel and evolving green energy sources.

Among many vital ideas he shared, Dr. Kalam also emphasized the need of SAARC nations coming together forming a fund of USD 100 million to research on evolving green energy sources.
He said Sri Lanka should research to come up with a green energy mission before 2030 and in order to do so, Sri Lanka should reduce the use of fossil energy sources and increase green energy consumption, he noted.

Also speaking at the occasion, Minister of Power and Energy, Patali Champika Ranawaka said Sri Lanka has recently formulated the Cabinet approved Sri Lanka Energy Sector Development Plan for a knowledge-based Economy 2015-2025.

He said the plan envisages a mid-term target of Sri Lanka becoming self-sufficient in energy and a long term target of meeting 100 % of our energy needs through renewables.

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