An Effective Public Speaking program conducted by the Success Media Company in progress

Success Media is a brand name that associates itself with personality development and positive thinking programs of international caliber. The leading personality development company in Sri Lanka has also pioneered printing books on positive thinking in the Sinhala language.

Success Media will soon embark on an island-wide program on Effective Public Speaking to groom young executives, sales representatives, team leaders,
entrepreneurs, young politicians and social workers. An array of programs is to be held in main cities in the country.

Surveys and audits carried out by the company has revealed lack of self- confidence and public speaking skills hinder the success of many young professionals, politicians and entrepreneurs in this country. This particular program has been designed to groom these individuals to tread on the path towards success with confidence. Enrolments for the program are now on. A program will have only ten participants to guarantee individual attention on the participants and effectiveness of the program. First two programs will be held in Colombo and Kandy.

The three-day Effective Public Speaking program will be a very practical-oriented and highly interactive one. Participants will be taught of finer points in effective public speaking and how to do away with drawbacks such as lack of self-confidence and shyness.