In commemoration of Social Media Day that fell on June 30, Etisalat Lanka, together with Neo@Ogilvy, organized a Social Media Day conference and meet up on June 28 at Excel World, Colombo.

For the first time since 2012, when Social Media Day was held in Sri Lanka for the first time, a conference on social media was held and this segment of the day was of great value to all those involved in social media.’s founder, Nuwan Chinthana, Ogilvy’s Amitha Amarasinghe and Hemas Human Resource Department head Niranjana Perera are few of the many speakers at the event and a wide range of topics were discussed.

The second half of Social Media Day is what seems to have attracted more people and the meet up included social media day awards for organizations and individuals and a hangout with popular Sri Lankan YouTuber, Gappiya.

Social Media Day was introduced by Mashable and was launched in2010. Prior to the event held on June 28, the Sri Lankan event was ranked as one of the top five Social Media Day events to attend this year.

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