Discovery of cathode tube also led to the invention of the television and now the plasma screen has also been made. Television has become a window to see the whole world. This article isn’t about the television, but it’s related to television because it was introduced through television to the world. These are reality shows. Currently reality shows are spreading over almost every country. So in that reality show journey, it was already installed in Sri Lanka by the media, especially television channels.

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Actually what does a reality shows exactly mean? Reality shows are a genre of television shows, programs or competitions which feature common people and/or celebrities or both, in real life or scripted situations/environments or a mix of both real and scripted incidents. Reality shows are also referred as reality television. Reality shows have become quite a rage of late. But these were non-existent until the 1940 in the world. Reality shows in those times were quite authentic. This was because it was a new concept and as such manipulation was limited to only creating unordinary situations for ordinary citizens.

In Sri Lanka, reality shows mainly came as competitions. 13-15 years ago, there were a few competitions which were held by TV channels same as today’s reality shows. But the reality show concept wasn’t exactly there. Those programs organizers wanted to find out the most talented person from the contestants only.

But today reality shows follow very different methods although those are competitions. Unfortunately or fortunately, nowadays most of competitions’ goal is to find the most talented upcoming singer and dancer in the country. Apart from that some reality shows look for the most beautiful damsel, best actor, best shadow star and best energetic young adolescent. However, all these reality shows are organized by television channels. They invest massive amounts of money to these projects.

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During the time contestants compete in their reality show, what the TV channel does is, they compete with other TV channels to bring their reality shows first in indexes and keep the spectators’ attention on them. So competitiveness of these shows among the TV channels is reaching a peak within this small period. In Sri Lanka, TV channels have got the ability to keep the people on top and similarly, they can drop the people deep as well through these reality shows.

Reality shows have several special features. It always makes its efforts to catch up the audience itself. So it ensures the live environment over the show. Compere does the main job to make sure that the reality show runs in a lively manner. When things are going live, entertainment is also added to keep the audience with a smile and cheerful faces. This causes to keep people with that particular reality show for a long time. Organizers are so keen enough to find the most suitable tricks to follow for their reality shows. Usually Sri Lankan reality shows use a judge board to make the decisions of the competition. But in some cases they also exceed their duties and allure to be a part of the entrainment crew.

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Actually when we talk about reality shows, there are advantages and disadvantages as well. Reality television has faced significant criticism since its rise in popularity. Much of the criticism has centered on the use of the word ‘reality’, and such shows’ attempt to present themselves as a straightforward recounting of events that have occurred. Critics have argued that reality television shows do not accurately reflect reality.
Various people have difference opinions about reality shows in Sri Lanka.