Education is a right. It is not a commodity. In this fast moving world, knowledge plays a crucial role. Due to the globalization, education is very essential to survive by gearing up to the challenges that are being created every minute. Schools play a vital role in providing such an education along with co-curricular activities.

St. John’s College is one of such institutions, providing knowledge and supporting almost all the students to involve in at least one co-curricular activity. Decentralized administration, a supportive staff to impart knowledge, a convenient location of the College to access from various parts of peninsula, well-connected co-staff, well-trained coaches for various sports and games, enable the students to be involved in various co – curricular activities.

Reasonable hostel facilities, systematic procedures of the college activities according to the calendar, easily accessible computer lab with the modern facilities, practicable science lab, and a modern library all facilitate the smooth and peaceful functions of the college and mould the students accordingly along with inculcating discipline.

In addition to the above, another milestone of the college starts from July 5,  2015. That is the opening ceremony of the Technological Faculty which is the very first college level four-storey technological faculty lab in the Northern Province.

The technological advances facilitate the growth of all the fields and the students are expected to select appropriate paths to meet the challenges of the present world. Thus an extra attention should be paid for the technological field. It provides quality education to face the present world which is so competitive and fast moving.

St. John’s College believes that the desires of the students and the community of Jaffna could be fulfilled by this remarkable landmark. It is also to be written in golden letters in the very long history of the College. This project undoubtedly will provide specific strategy, and a unique method for the students to connect to the employment and academic field accordingly. The remarkable infrastructures, modern equipment and machineries, easily accessible place and facilities make sure that the technical education is a valid one.

We would like to bring to your kind notice that private schools are not given the financial aids by the government. To face the financial need, special procedures have been implemented by the college community. As a proverb says, “Working together brings success.” The fund-raising campaign has brought promising success in the last three months. It is done from student level to the higher administrative level. With much effort school authority worked for the uplift of the faculty building in a modern and attractive way. To broaden the knowledge by having a  conducive climate is inevitable. St. John’s has created such an environment to fulfill the desires of the children. This shows that St. John’s has the necessary infrastructure AND process to implement the new technology stream in Advance level.

On the whole, it is expected that maximum participation of the students in the field of technological education will lead to professional enhancements. To welcome the new eras in future, new trend of this field will motivate the students and bringing innumerable number of international opportunities for their carrier and recognition in the society.
Through the new project, the students will get the technical skills with National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level- III certificate. In addition, students over 18 years of age, by completing the 2 years foundation course in Technology will be able to obtain Diplomas, Degrees, Masters in Civil, Mechanical, Software, Computer, Communication, Textile, Mechatronics Engineering at the open University of Sri Lanka.

Thus the Golden years before St. John’s will shine as their motto “Lights shines in the darkness.” Hope new stream will motivate and promote children and the showers of choicest blessings of almighty God will always fall on St. John’s for their valuable services in the Northern Province.Hope the new window brings luck and success to our college.