A small boy patiently waits while an older girl pours water into a glass. Once the glass is full and she is setting down the bottle of water, he says ‘thank you’ and walks away with the glass.  Untitled-7

Sounds like a well-mannered boy, doesn’t he? And yet, the girl is extremely angry and shocked at his lack of manners. People may wonder why. He did say thank you, which is more than what most people do nowadays. And yet, the part of the story not mentioned is what twists the story around.

The girl wasn’t pouring water into the glass for the little boy. An older lady had asked for a glass of water, and the girl was to give the glass of water to the lady. The little boy just walked away with the glass without even asking the girl if he could have it.

There are situations when it seems like; there is no need to mind your manners. During the interval, you enjoy your food. When it’s time to wash your hands you run to the sink. Without standing in line and waiting your turn, Mind-your-Ps-and-Qs.jpg3you go to the front of the line and wash your hands. This may seem like something you can laugh off, but you need to realize that you are being incredibly rude. You may be in a hurry, but so are the others and you need to stand in line like everyone else.

What are manners?
There are certain behaviors that are considered socially accepted and also expected. For instance, not saying please when asking for something won’t result in punishment. Yet, it is expected that one uses words like thank you, please and excuse me.

You may also wonder why manners are important. Being overly courteous is unnecessary and sometimes even annoying. So, what’s the use of manners and etiquette? Social conventions are a set of ‘rules’ that decide how one should behave. You may see no harm in not obeying social etiquette. However, you need to also consider how people feel when you don’t have manners.Mind-your-Ps-and-Qs.jpg4

Would you like it if someone interrupts the conversation you are having with a friend and talks as if he has done nothing wrong? Would you like it if someone jumps the line and gets to the counter before you do even if you got there first?

If you don’t like to be treated that way, then you shouldn’t be rude to people either. And why not be nice to people? Manners don’t cost you a single cent so it doesn’t really hurt to know about manners and use them when dealing with people.
Always remember that you should treat people the way you yourself want to be treated, and a little etiquette has never hurt anyone.