If you, like me, are one who carries around a bag comprising of a laptop, charger, assorted cables and even a spare battery pack, then you’ll know how arduous it is to find the perfect bag to fit all of them into. The struggle is indeed real. Sure you get ye average carry-all fit-all bag but then those are clunky and crowded.
Well ye kindred spirit, our prayers have been heard by the great Bag Gods. Well, technically by a kickstarter project from Croatia, but close enough.

Enter Baggizmo. They are not promising the next best thing since sliced bread or Tony Stark-ish technologies. Rather, they offer to be smart about every detail one can imagine. The interior of the bag is made up of numerous compartments that are all connected via hidden cable passages. For example, it has an in-built headphone cable outlet on top and a pocket in the strap to hide small headphones. Built to be reminiscent of a messenger bag, the bag’s center of gravity lays towards the middle of one’s torso thus alleviating the feeling that the bag feels off center. In addition, it comes with a bike hook shackle so it stays fixed to you when you ride a bike.

With Baggizmo, each and every one of its many pockets serves a unique purpose, and each feature included has been given a serious amount of thought.

According to Ladislav Juric, who is the Project founder, the bag arose from a personal need. Applying the ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ theorem to real life, he explains that he needed a bag which could be carried everywhere. Be it in a suit or just jeans and a shirt, Baggizmo can carry your phone, charger, earphones and countless other items of your daily life, while not feeling like a bag at all.

There are always limitations to any product or technology. It’s virtually impossible to create a bag that can fit everything and the kitchen sink. Some people want larger compartments, other will want it to fit their laptops and even more will just not like the style. All this has been brought to Ladislav’s attention.

A lot of thought has been put into this product, he says. The biggest tablet Baggizmo accepts is a 9-inch one so you could theoretically fit a small netbook or iPad but nothing larger. Anything larger would just make the bag too big. Ladislav goes on to explain that they want the bag to feel like a part of your body, and in order to do that, the bag has to conform to certain dimensions.

For example, one of the ideas behind Baggizmo is to always stay slim, even when you stuff a lot of gadgets into it.
Obviously the main catch here is the price. Initial Kickstarter backers were able to reserve their bag for $85, but the retail price is $130. Quite a step up. Ladislav defends this by explaining that they chose premium materials, such as water-repellent, abrasion-resistant textiles to counter the cheap bags in the market. After all, if you want the perfect bag, you can’t get it if you have to compromise a lot now can you?
Pretty cool, eh? I’ve started saving up for one.