Trust that everything happens for a reason in life. The difficulties are a test which we have to pass to reach our goal. Every day we encounter new problems. We may feel the pain in heart as someone is stabbing our heart and our life is worthless.

But have you ever wondered how much you are loved by your family and friends? Can you imagine your life without their love? Be thankful for living a beautiful life filled with lots of love and care. When you’re worried a friend will be there to support you and hold you. And when you’re not well your mother will take care of you.

We didn’t ask for the life we are living, yet we got it. So don’t waste it by worrying about the bad moments, every mistake is a lesson for a lifetime. Seek to learn from mistakes and move on with life without reading the past.

Life is a book, and it’s up to you to fill the pages with the story of your life. It could be happy and joyful or sad and sorrowful.  Everyone has feelings. But some know how to handle the situation without panicking and getting worried.

In our day to day life, we argue with our loved ones and sometimes we feel we knew its wrong and still we argue for the sake of our ego. But have you tried giving up the arguments? It’s not easy yet it fills the heart with joy by seeing the smiles on others.

Because life is beautiful by the way we are living it. If we feel what we have is not enough then our heart can never feel the delightfulness and the tranquility which we seek. But the simplicity and the helping-heart is satisfied by looking the smile on another person’s face. However, money and fame cannot buy such comfort and joy. It can only be felt by heart when it’s clean from hatred, greedy, jealousy and pride.

Don’t wait for happiness, instead try to find happiness in every moment. Because there are people who have it tough and yet they are living it with hope and joy. Always try to think of the people who are having less and then you then you will realize how beautiful your life is.

True beauty is in your own heart. And try to bring it out than hiding it with bad thoughts. After all life is a test that we all have to face, whether we like it or not. So live happily as a free bird.