A well-known and experienced person in the education field Colin B Ratnayake   assumed duties as Principal of Trinity College, taking over from Brig., Udaya Ariyaratne.
He is a specialist trained, Bachelor of Arts, post graduate Diploma in Education (TESL), Master in Science, one time Deputy Principal of Trinity College. He was Principal of the following- Kandy Gateway College, Lyceum College Wattala, Sussex College, Kandy and Grammar school, Kandy. He was also the Head of School Administration Sussex Education Network and Chief Educational Supervisor in Republic of the Maldives. He was one time Vice Principal of Trinity College. has a strong devotion to the school, understanding the students psychology is his forte, If the main purpose of Trinity is to bring out the best of character of the student he will not hesitate himself to give his best into the life of the school with the assistance of his subordinates and the Board of Governors. The other matter he would choose is to foster ties with the community to lift the morals of this school. He has unique way to achieve the best results in years ahead. In the field of sports activities he will evaluate what is actually required to raise the standards.

Trinity College was founded in 1872, by Rev. Richard Collins. Although, it was founded as an Anglican Missionary school based on the traditions of the best of the public schools in England, the missionaries took into its ambit the best of the indigenous culture. Today, it is one of the leading schools with a rich heritage. The Principal of Trinity College Rev. A.G. Fraser brought the school from a mere provincial school to a national college. In his day (1904-1924), it became a multi facetted educational institution, equal to that of any leading school in the British Commonwealth. In the days of Fraser, 17 different nationalities made use of the all round educational Trinity provided. Although Trinity College was founded in 1872, its antecedents go back to 1817 when the first missionaries from Britain, Mr. and  Mrs. Browning entered the hill country, During the principal ship Rev. Dr. W.A. Wickremasinghe (1978-1988) the cricket ground of Asgiriya was transformed into an International Cricket Stadium during this time of Collin Ratnayake was the Vice Principal. It is also noteworthy that the Principal Rev. Dr. W.G. Wickramasinghe embarked on another gigantic project, the Agriculture school in Pallekale,
Sports at Trinity College have always played a large part in the life of the school; Collin Ratnayake with his experience is sure to drive sports back to the driving seat as before in all activities of all sports.  Sport is confined not only to the newspapers.  The earliest reference in the records games first to be played is Athletics championships of 1883 in which EDW Siebel was the first champion  Rugby has always been the most popular game, since it was introduced in 1906.  At one time, most big names in the country came from Trinity. Boxing was introduced to the school in 1907 for the small boys, and later became serious sport, the official recognition for the game of hockey was only granted in 1950, but more than 10 years   hockey had in fact been played. After the World War, games like table tennis, badminton and basketball made their appearance. Now, they are good in football too.

Trinity College is to build on its heritage and goes to greater heights in the years to come, as It  has a motto to its name Respica Finem “Look to the end”, but to the years ahead is to serve the youth of Sri Lanka.