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Children love dolls. We have seen how childish they are when they play with beautiful dolls. It’s the same thing with politicians. Only thing is, with them the doll is called ‘patriotism’.

Patriotism has become everyone’s plaything.

This dissolution is like “balagiri”. Not today, but tomorrow.
Quoted from “The History of Don Quixote”
“… wherein we are commanded to do good to our enemies and to love them that hate us; a command which, though it seems somewhat difficult to obey, is only so to those who have in them less of God than of the world, and more of the flesh than of the spirit; for Jesus Christ, God and true man, who never lied, and could not and cannot lie, said, as our law-giver, that his yoke was easy and his burden light; he would not, therefore, have laid any command upon us that it was impossible to obey. Thus, sirs, you are bound to keep quiet by human and divine law.”

Mahinda does not need to think and understand the people. He just knows them. This made him careless and made him overestimate his ability. He got too much of a burden on his shoulders inevitably.

From ‘The Book of Sand’ by Borges
“If space is infinite, we may be at any point in space. If time is infinite, we may be at any point in time.”
“The best place to hide a leaf is in a forest.”

Regime ‘Change’
Rathana Himi and Gnanasara came from the temple to politics. Mahinda came to the temple from politics. Now Rathana Himi is in politics and Mahinda is in the temple.

The general fault
Hakeem is trying to score speaking-points against Champika. The Hela Urumaya tries to do the same by trying to score speaking-points against Hakeem. This is not the fault of anyone in particular. This is the fault of politics in general.

New ITNs
Some say that the work done at Rupavahini Corporation and ITN for Mahinda earlier is now done by certain temples.

No less
Now Wimal and others like him can’t form hopes of ministerial posts. No more, no less. They are used to it.