People confront us with a whole load of lies pretty much every day. So many that we have no idea of ourselves being victimized by dishonesty. Deception is so mainstream that a completely honest person is really hard to find these days.  But digging it out, we have our own reasons to lie. I’ve listed some that I came up with. Ask yourself, how many of them fit in to your shoes!

Most of us are not outright liars who wish misery on others. We just wish something was a little better than it is, so we tend to add some flavor when we relate our stories to others. Sometimes to shine on some positive light and at other times, to stop people feeling hurt by the bitter truth.

Humans are wired to exaggerate to make conversation and to keep it going. Research has proven that deception creates long lasting conversations because you keep adding and adding interesting facts in to your stories and whatever someone comes up with, there you go! You have a story ready, all made up!

People often lie to avoid embarrassment or negative judgment. They strive to protect the image they have constructed with a thousand other lies. This kind of protection begins from a very naïve age when we start denying our mistakes and betraying our little siblings for messing up the living room! Whenever we see a threat to the fake personality we’ve woven around lies, we need a boost and so lie again!

To keep things going on good books
Sometimes, we leave out certain bits of information.  For example, if your partner asks you where you’ve been, you might just say ‘the mall’ and skip the part where you accidentally bumped in to your ex. I mean why ask for trouble right? Besides, ‘it’s not important’. Also, if a friend asks, “does this dress look good?” how many of us would say no even if it looks really bad on her! And the little voice inside us whispers “you don’t have to feel bad, it’s just a white lie!”

Fingers crossed!
Most often, when people go ‘How are you?’ we answer ‘I’m fine, thank you’ irrespective of us being fine or not. It just happens like a reflex. But most of the time, it’s a lie, because if we were fine as much as we say it, the world would have been a better place!

Easier route
Sometimes the truth needs some explaining and might end up in conflict and confrontation, which we usually are not at pleasure to deal with. So a little lie will be easier to get over with.

Kidding ourselves
We lie to ourselves to make us feel better or to get over hard situations. We mislead ourselves in to a fantasy by trying to mask the reality just so that we feel good at least until reality reveals and hits on our heads BANG like that!

Parents are the worst liars!
Starting from Santa to why they missed a soccer match at school, parents lie to make a good impression of them as well as to get around young inquisitive minds.

Men vs women
Studies show that men lie to make themselves look better where as women lie to make others feel better. But who lies more? That’s the question!

Severe psychological cases
Now these people have no control of the things they say. And most of the time they are of pure evilness in the intention of hurting others. They take revenge and let down people through deception.

Sometimes the truth can hurt even more than a lie does. But in the long run a lie is going to come back and hurt you once again.

Mark Twain once said, “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Just stop and rewind to the truth the next time a lie is at the tip of your tongue, if not your nose will grow just like Pinocchio! And that sure doesn’t look too good!