President MS is “ committed to eliminating” drug dealers et al. from Parliament, that august assembly where our honorable representatives meet to discuss, debate and thrash out important matters of states to find solutions to burning problems and occasionally use the rich vocabulary heard often at Mariyakade in order to get over the monotony and to drive home a point. Such occasional outbursts help cheer them up and keep the voters informed of the wisdom and linguistic capabilities of their reps and last not least the hadichchakama.

MS’s problem will be how to identify drugs dealers, et al. Not to worry. It is QED – quiet easily done. Sometime late in 2013 the present FM Mangala Samaraweera accused his parliamentary colleagues of being drugs dealers and the then PM Dimoo confirmed it. In addition, the then Minister Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena told the House that there were PS members who expected the kuttiya. If the President consults these three honorable gentlemen he can easily identify drugs dealers and bribe takers from PS, PC to Parliamentary members.

Incidentally, in late 2013 then PM Dimoo got involved in a heroin smuggling case as a result of one of his secretaries issuing a letter to clear a cargo on priority basis that turned out to be 260kg of heroin. No investigation was carried out despite the seriousness of the case probably because the honorable MP could not have had a hand in drugs smuggling. Hence nobody should blame Dimoo and question his eligibility to provide information about drug smuggling colleagues.

If at the end of the elimination process President finds that nobody is left behind, he will have to go around the country with a lantern in hand.
S. Abywicrama