Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute, an affiliate of the prestigious University of Kelaniya, recently concluded a clinical research on the effectiveness of the 100% natural Rajayu wellness brews ‘Rajayu Cholesterol Fighter’ and ‘Rajayu Sugar Regulator’.

Manufactured and distributed by Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd, the parent company of Nature’s Secrets, the Rajayu natural wellness brews are a result of the scientific fusion of Sri Lanka’s ancient herbal medicine with modern day laboratory research.

Taking cultural research to greater heights, Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd established Sri Lanka’s first privately owned Plant Research Centre to scientifically research and validate the traditional medicinal plants used in our island’s ancient ‘Hela-Veda’ healing system. Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd also created Sri Lanka’s largest privately owned Medicinal Plant Garden around its factory with over 700 medicinal plant varieties for conservation and research purposes.

Before tea and coffee were introduced during Colonial times, Royal families and elite society in ancient Sri Lanka consumed a wide variety of healthy herbal beverages prepared from medicinal plants. Inspired by these herbal drinks and the healing wonders of Hela-Veda medicine, the Rajayu natural wellness collection was meticulously and scientifically developed over several years.

The Rajayu range is 100% natural with no synthetic colors, flavors or preservatives, and does not contain any caffeine. Each sachet of Rajayu is packed with the healthy goodness of a wide variety of herbs, names of which are all declared on the packaging. It truly is ancient wellness in a cup.

High levels of blood sugar and cholesterol have been identified as two of the most prevalent health risks among society today. Based on the clinical research done by the Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute, it has been proven that daily consumption of Rajayu Cholesterol Fighter helps regulate cholesterol levels, whilst the regular consumption of Rajayu Sugar Regulator helps control blood sugar. The research further confirmed that consumption of Rajayu Cholesterol Fighter and Sugar Regulator had no side effects.

The easy-to-make Rajayu natural wellness range of brews is created in four distinct variants; Cholesterol Fighter, Sugar Regulator, Body Shaper and Memory Booster. All four products are available at Arpico and Keells Super outlets, Nature’s Secrets Spa & Showroom at the Dutch Hospital Shopping Centre (Colombo 1).