I believe that destiny is not a place, position or anything that stays.

It is the whole journey, it is where life happens. Every moment is a destiny that leads to another.
We live in an orbit of destinies, the people we meet, the memories we make are all collisions of destinies spinning perfectly in an orbit.

Everyone we meet, everyone we know, those who stay and those who leave are all part of the destiny and we are for theirs.

We are made up of infinite destinies that change every second. We notice some changes, some changes we hardly notice and some changes change the course of our destiny leading to a whole new chapter of another destiny in some other part of the orbit yet carefully remaining in the orbit.

For example, the food we eat at a restaurant. It is in the destiny of someone to cook and it is in our destiny to eat, and that is where life happens. When you taste, it is not just the taste of the ingredients that make this food but also the taste, a symbol of two infinities that met for a while in the never ending journey in this universe of destinies.

It is the moments that we are made of, some instance where you laugh so much your stomach hurts or some you cry so much till your soul hurts. This is where life happens.

Even that stranger who smiles at you while walking down the street is a part of the destiny, a second of what makes your orbit of infinite destiny.

And sometimes in the midst of all these infinities in motion, the wrong destinies may collide and some may get attached to ours but they are never meant to stay, so when they leave towards the destiny that is meant to be, they take a piece of us with them and like this we may lose pieces of us and that’s why all of us are missing some pieces.

But the good news is that when destinies that are meant to be collide, they fix the pieces of us with the better and make us feel complete again and alive like never before.

So, even though letting go of destinies that were never meant to be can be tough, it is always to make way for destinies that are meant to be because without losing a piece of you, you cannot fix a better one to its place.

And finally in the midst of all the memories, heartbreaks, laughs, tears and a million other emotions that we bleed during our journey, it ends.

Our journey which is so complicated and beautiful in its own way takes our breath away and we all get lost in the midst of the infinity of infinities only remembered by the course of our destiny as a distant memory. So my dear friend, make it a good one.