Following The Nation report on Maduganga in Balapitiya being filled with sand, making fishing impossible, government officials have now dug the riverbed at a cost of Rupees one million. Previously it was being funded by two local politicians personally due to government inaction despite requests made by the fisherman to clear the obstruction.

The Maduganga riverbed is constantly filled with sand due to high tide and requires it to be dug out every three months. Due to the issue, fishermen are forced to carry the boats out to sea, making it impossible to go over the river.

While speaking to The Nation Maduganga River Fisheries Association President R. Senaratne said the news report (which appeared in our paper) gave a good understanding to people and officials alike on the issue. “I believe the story made an impact on those in authority while forcing them to take immediate action” he said adding that this has helped them to continue their livelihood during the ‘off-season’.   However he said while the report elaborated and presented the permanent solution of a harbor to be built, so far no official has approached the issue yet. “But now we feel they do understand the seriousness of the problem” he said appreciating the service by the newspaper on reporting the matter.