As children, how do you spend your spare time? Do you spend your time in front of the television? As children you may prefer to sit for hours and hours in front of the television, and watch various programs while changing the channels. But you will not even feel that the time runs so quickly since you have sat in front of the television.

Actually, there are so many advantages of watching television. Basically, we watch the television for entertainment. As children you can watch various cartoons or children’s movies. As well as there are educational programs for children to watch such as quiz programs, debating programs and documentaries. News also makes you informed about everything happening around you every day.

Reality programs have dragged the attention of children to be competitive while allowing them to showcase their talents. It is the parent’s responsibility to limit the time that the children spend to watch television. If parents also spend their time in front of the television with their children they will become a bad example for them because sometimes children gradually imitate the bad characters of the dramas.

If you spend your time in front of the television for long hours you are just killing your time and creativity. If you are watching television for long hours, you will gradually be addicted to it. Because of the modern technological devices, most of the children are lazy to read and write. So, dear children I would not ask you not to watch television, but you can make your life a success if you limit watching television.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the television. Add your points to the list and don’t forget to send us your ideas.

•    Television is widely used for entertainment, knowledge and for communication.
•    Anybody can watch television simply by sitting at home.
•    News, movies, family shows, sports, music as well as other useful shows and channels can be seen on TV.
•    Even kids can enjoy TV by watching Cartoons Channels as well. Some Channels such as Discovery Channel to gain knowledge.
•    One can watch live news as well as live shows or live sports easily with the help of television.
•    Television plays an important role in educating people about corruption, going on in the social and political world.
•    People can learn more and more about the world by watching Television.
•    In free time watching TV is good which may freshen your mood by watching a show you like the most.

•    As there are thousands of shows or movies shown on TV 24/7. Hence, some people waste more time everyday watching TV.
•     If people spend much more time on watching TV then they may become lazy.
•    Sometimes students neglect their studies watching TV, which affects the education of the students.
•    Some children sit very close to the TV which is not good for the eyesight of the children.
•    More use of television may also increase electricity bill.
•    Children sometimes watch scary movies which affects their mental condition
•    Sometime distraction from work by watching TV.