From left: K. Krishnan Director, People Business India, Dr. Sandeep, Personal and Business Transformation Consultant, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Archana Law, Director of Avix Consulting Group, Arosha Jayasundera, Riaz Hassen and Founder Member People Business India, Meryn Rafheal | Pic by Ravindra Dharmathilake

Director, Colombo Leadership Academy (CLA), Riyaz Hassen says that companies should look at implementing an interviewing process when employees tender their resignation to ascertain their grievances.

Hassen who made this observation during the launch of a two-day workshop ‘Linking HR with Business Strategy’ on June 24, pointed out that such a process was essential to gauge the circumstances which had prompted them to leave the institution and to ensure that institutions are aware of those reasons.

“For example, the HR department of an institution conducts interviews when recruiting an employee but does not interview him or her when they resign and look at the reasons behind their decision,” he said.

In addition, he also pointed out that in several instances HR departments of companies and institutions were used as tools to implement the views of the management or the owners.

“Human Resources (HR) departments should act independent of the management and should also have representations at board level of institutions,” he added.

He stated that the HR department of an institution needed to be represented at board levels in order to provide an independent viewpoint pertaining to the institution and employees.

In addition, the CLA has taken the initiative to introduce an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) system to Sri Lanka for the country’s Human Resources departments. CLA has partnered with People Business India in introducing this system to Sri Lanka’s HR fraternity.

“In most cases what happens is that a person applies for a job expecting something, but faces a complete contrast after being recruited. This system enables the institution to reflect the true nature of the brand. For example, potential employees can get the experience they expected when they applied for the job,” Hassen told The Nation Gain.