As the different controversies involving union cabinet ministers, a chief minister and a state minister gains momentum, the beleaguered Congress has found yet another issue to get the Opposition rally behind it.Senior Congress leaders have started reaching out to opposition parties and claim that the Left, DMK, AAP and JD(U) are already with them to force the government, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take appropriate action.

So far, the BJP has strongly defended its ministers and the Prime Minister maintained silence over these controversies. Since the beginning of the Lok Sabha, as it got reduced to its lowest ever tally, 44, the Congress found it increasingly difficult to lead the Opposition charge as the AIADMK (37 MPs) and BJD (20) combination—both staunch anti-Congress parties, flexed more strength than the Congress. The Trinamool too, with 34 seats, aspired to take a leading role in the Opposition space.