Cinnamon’s city hotels – Cinnamon Grand Colombo, Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo and Cinnamon Red – in a bid to reiterate their stance in creating a greener mind-set among the hotels’ associates, early June organized the first-ever Planet Quiz.

The competition cum quiz was organized to create a platform of learning whilst encouraging associates to read up on environment issues both on a global and local scale, sustainability and general knowledge related to the planet’s devastating status.

A total of 60 participants partook in the competition, with each hotel sending 20 of their brightest, in teams of 10 representing various departments to compete. Over 200 associates also gathered at Cinnamon Lakeside, the host hotel, as audience members to cheer on their colleagues at this much looked forward to event in the city hotels Environment Week calendar.

Held in three rounds, with each round containing ten questions broken into two sessions; the competition consisted of a do you know round, true or false round, noted and quoted, planet in crisis and mark the map-Sri Lankan sites and world sites.