Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Russia, Udayanga Weeratunga denied all allegations levelled against him. Issuing a statement to all media this evening, he said “The story that I had supplied arms to separatist rebels in Ukraine and that President Petro Parashenko’s government had complained to the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry is a complete lie. I am in possession of a certificate issued by the Internal Affairs Ministry to the effect that I am not being investigated for any crime within Ukraine.”

He also added “The spokesman of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry told the Russian language unit of BBC back in March this year that the Ukrainian government rejects this story about my supplying arms to the Ukrainian rebels. Furthermore, the Ukrainian Ambassador in India who is also accredited to Sri Lanka has informed Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera and Foreign Secretary Chithrangani Wageeswara that this allegation against me is false.”

Revealing that he is at Kiev at present and questioned whether will be allowed to be there if he was a wrongdoer. “Had I supplied arms to Ukrainian rebels, I would not have been able to live here,” he said. However, Weeratunga said he had no plans to return to Sri Lanka at this stage as his family had been subjected to what he termed as harassment and victimization by the present government.

Former Ambassador Weeratunga also added that he had no connection whatsoever to the death of Noel Ranaweera, a former staff member of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Russia. “He died after being run over by a lorry driven by a Russian citizen named S.V. Samsonov and the incident had been recorded in CCTV cameras. He said that the Foreign Ministry in Russia had confirmed that there was no investigation against the former Ambassador in relation to the matter.