Yashan is a well-known singer, rap artiste, presenter and producer who made it to the mainstream music industry in 2008. Now he has come out with his latest single, Sansara Gane (Mal Sihinaye 2).

The single, which was released on June 14, has been well received by fans and listeners.

Yashan made his debut with the smash hit single Sandawathuren 2 with Ashanthi which followed by his debut solo album Sandawathuren 2.

Siththamak Wage, Me Aththamaido With Miss Chey, Ra Thun Yama, Mal Sihinaye, Ra Tharakawo And Labagaththe Amaruwen are namely some of Yashan’s biggest hits to date and SITHTHAMAK WAGE is his most popular song which was featured on all leading media in Sri Lanka and it was on air on BBC RADIO ONE plus it won a Special Merit Award And The 35th Signis Salutations Night 2011 as well.

Pem Hansaya song with Miss Chey Off Yashan’s second album Siththamak Wage was featured on BBC World Service and that’s also a notable milestone from Yashan’s successful musical journey as one of the best trend setters in Sri Lanka By hosting two radio and TV shows, Yashan has managed to build up a huge fan base as a presenter as well.

He is also popular as a producer who introduced many new artistes to the music industry, not just by making a song but making an image with a brand name for them in the all competitive music industry in Sri Lanka by helping and promoting new talents.
The latest song of Yashan, Sansara Gane (Mal Sihinaye 2) is a sweet love song which will entertain listeners at any given time of a day without disturbing the peacefulness of your mind and soul. It’s the second duet sung by Yashan and Shanudrie. Lyrics of the song were written by a young lad who is in early twenties, Sandun Perera and music was directed by a very young but extremely talented Shenuka H Peiris.

The music video was directed by Dimantha Balasooriya which is his debut creation at Yashan Productions. It was filmed for two days in two locations.

Speaking on the feedback for Mal Sihinaye, Yashan said, “It was great. It was getting a heavy air play on most of the leading TV channels and it’s nice to see that the song is still getting requested by fans on requests shows. Most of our fans loved it and it has almost 400,000 views on Youtube as well.”

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