A hero
In the game of war, Sarath is a hero.

A hero
In the game of politics, Mahinda is a hero.

Sarath Fonseka
Sarath Fonseka

A super hero
In the game of waiting and seeing, Ranil is a superhero.

A hero
In the game of administration Gota is a hero.


Premier Wickremesinghe
Premier Wickremesinghe

A hero
In the game of liesWimal is a hero.

A hero
Sajith has proved that he too can play the role of a hero.


Mahinda  Rajapaksa
Mahinda Rajapaksa

Local hero
VijithVijaymuni is a local hero.

A hero
Gammanpila is trying to be a “Champika against Champika”.

Mangala the hero and zero
Mangala is a good man, but he was born in the wrong country. In the USA he would be a greater hero than Obama. Here in Sri Lanka, however, he is both hero and zero.

gotabaya rajapaksa
Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

Mahinda has a special ability. He can make people weep.

Free education
Kumar Gunaratnam has given his children an Australian education, and has come here to give free education to our children.

sajith premadasa
Sajith Premadasa

Life, love and protection
JVP’s life is more about Marx than about Sri Lanka. It loves Marx more than Sri Lanka. It hence tries to protect Marx more than Sri Lanka.

Phone booked
Before 2000 there was always a Marxist book in Wimal’s hand. Now there’s a smartphone.

Mahinda does not read books. He reads people.

Two regimes
In Chandrika’s time NGOs used internationalism to enjoy luxury. In Mahinda’s time those opposed to NGOs used nationalism to enjoy luxury. Mahinda did away with any difference between the two. I can’t really spot the difference today. They are the same. They are just dressed differently.

No confidence motion
In politics we cannot believe nor have confidence in anyone. So what is the use of no-confidence motions against someone?

Now Maharaja has become ‘appachchi’. Can ‘appachchi’ become PM?

Regime changer
Analysts consider Maithri a regime changer because he has made Maharaja an ’appachchi’.
Some say that whileRanil is not a hero, he is a leader. Let’s see.