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The Governor of the Central Bank says that he has been the victim of his own transparency.

Thanks Guv.
Governor Mahendran has unwittingly enough, given the perfect metaphor for our time, particularly our times since the election changed the face of the country in January of this year.

The Asipatha CutsIf people are transparently idiotic, or transparently incompetent, they are definitely victims of their own transparency. But it’s not easy except for persons such as the Governor, to come out and say that in such vivid terms. It’s as plain as night follows day, or the sun rising from the East — but yet the Governor is at pains to explain things to us.

Thanks Guv.
This frank statement could stand as a metaphor for the entire shape of things since there was a seismic shift in power in this country earlier this year.

People are transparently in zombie land. Half the parliament knows exactly where they belong, but some act as if they’d rather forget. Public television is something else altogether …

There is a continuing comedy series playing in all TV channels the likes of which nobody has seen since Mind Your Language.

Scores of folk who are movers and shakers in the current dispensation do not seem to be able to hide the fact that they are not very competent at doing anything, or that when they do something, they often make a hash of things, that they have to spend the rest of their lives explaining themselves.

No I’m not taking about Governor Mahendran. But if he wants to put that ten gallon Texas cowboy hat on, he is welcome to do so.

He is already seen to be adept at the quick draw. Speak first, talk later. A true urban cowboy, John Vain with the glasses, that misspelling inspired …

But he excelled himself when he invented that line for this government which hitherto had been begging to be described in some catchy, succinct way that would be go down in history.

A victim of his own transparency indeed.

Why, this guy is a genius.

The Finance Minister is a victim of his own transparency when he says that unlike Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, he faced legal proceedings and did not attempt to stave them off by filing a fundamental rights application.

The gentlemen is very transparently admitting to the fact that he would not have stood a ghost of a chance getting that case he had to answer for in High Court thrown out in a wrongful arrest application.

Clearly a victim of his own transparency who should have to thank the Central Bank Governor for inventing a catch-all label to describe people who talk first, think later.

Some of these dear chaps are victims of their own transparency in other, almost profound ways. For instance, a lot of them seem to be rather obviously under achieving, compared to some of their predecessors in the previous dispensation.

But they are making a visible display of this fact and are therefore victims of their own transparency, and that too in the most literal sense that perhaps even Mr. Mahendran would not have thought possible.

Some transparently don’t seem to know the first thing about running a country for instance, that they are clearly transparent to their own fellow travelers.

The Ven. Athureliye Rathana for instance drove the once lumbering locomotive that almost implausibly gathered steam and brought this government to power.

But now he says that it is obvious that a UNP government cannot govern and that there should be a Cabinet that is reconstituted from the membership of this same luckless Parliament.

Now, that’s true. When people so transparently have come a cropper that their own are now saying it out loud, you could say that they are the victims of their own transparency by a fair margin.

Mr. Mahendran should be given a special award for putting his finger on what was staring everybody in the face two feet before them, but none of them could quite put in context. He called is at it is. For that, the people of this country would be eternally grateful to him no matter which country he is from.

In hundred plus days, nothing really has happened. The Constitution stays the same, and the word ‘essentially’ is barely necessary as a qualifier in stating that obvious fact. Things have happened, and there is much more confusion that animates the political landscape these days, but let’s be stoically silent about that too. (There is no need to restate the obvious. Mr. Arjuna Mahendran is there to do that for us.)

All economic indicators have tanked. The rupee has hit an all time nadir. There is development, bucketloads of it really, but that’s in the area of galloping political uncertainty.

As opposed to cohesion and organization, there is general chaos coupled with the fact that there is nobody that seems to be leading the country. Sarath Silva says this. What more transparency than that when those who were in the vanguard for change now see that there has been so much change, to a point they are fairly gagging from it.

But you have to say, congratulations. All this has been done under a polytene roof, and no I don’t mean it like that, the way they say it at seminars and talk shops.

There is so much transparency about exactly what the people got in return for what they had. The sheer chaos, the runway incompetence that is reflected in dwindling prospects for the economy and investment, has all been ushered in under the searching glare of the spotlight.

Greater transparency, we have never had in this country. Yes Guv. Many are victims of their own transparency these days. But it’s not so much because people can see through the covers, even those ultra thin polytene ones.

It’s because there is an elephant beneath that top, and you’d need a reinforced concrete wall with a titanium alloy exterior, to hide that pachyderm from anybody’s view these days.