Sathya Sadeepani of North Central Province | Sathya Sadeepani of North Central Province

Sri Lanka Cricket’s campaign to eradicate bowlers with illegal actions reached new dimensions when for the first time three women cricketers were reported with suspect actions during the recently concluded under-26 inter-provincial tournament.

Sathya Sadeepani from North Western Province, Iresha Damayanthi and Ruvini Peshala (both from Western Province) have been reported by umpires during the tournament for suspect bowling actions.

As per the Sri Lanka Cricket protocol circulated amongst clubs and schools these bowlers will be undertaken by the SLC Coaching Department for remedial action.

They will continue to play while their actions are being corrected, but in the meantime if they are reported a second time they will be banned from bowling until the Coaching Department clears their action.

SLC began their crack down on bowlers with illegal actions last July and the campaign so far has yielded very positive results.