Here are a few things that should cost people nothing:
To be thrilled by someone else’s gain, when they have terminally lost.

To be thrilled by someone else’s health, when they are terminally ill.

To be thrilled by someone else’s wealth, when they are terminally poor.

To be thrilled by someone else’s fame and praise, when they are terminally shamed and blamed.

To be thrilled by someone else’s pleasure, when they are terminally suffering.

To be thrilled by someone else’s friends,  when they are terminally alone.

To be thrilled by that which someone achieves effortlessly,  when they have had to battle to achieve even a microscopic part of it.

This ecstasy only costs people their ego. Knowing the world for what it is, I suppose many people consider that loss not worth this joy. In heat, in hate, in horny hyper hopelessness, most have lost the ability to lose their egos. Holding onto it for dear life, they inherit from it, dear death. They must therefore rest in turmoil for peace is not theirs regardless of how much they speak about it, discuss it, analyze it, infer it, deduce it, write about it, advocate for it, lobby for it or fight for it, regardless of how they long for it. Regardless of how they crave it, regardless of how they miss it; by choosing their right to ego, they have revoked their right to peace.

Instead, their ego buys them a mental living space of tumultuous spikes, sparks, dips and darks for they are thrilled by someone else’s debilitation be that debilitation a loss, a disease, paucity, shame, blame, pain or mediocrity for it allow them to empathize and vindicates their relative non-weakness even though it is not tantamount to strength.
This perhaps, is why there is so little acknowledgement of infinite strength. Why so few are relieved by flawless decision- making. Why naturally powerful personalities bring people out in spots. Why people  by default wish to crucify effortless leadership. Why universal respect for a person is called the adulation of the weak. Why unreflecting love is considered a value only by the weak where such weakness is there to be exploited.

Healthy, wealthy and wise people are blanked. They are treated much the same way as the missing parts of a leper or the lesions of an AIDS sufferer. With the same protest, the same revulsion, the same hope that if one ignores them long enough they will disappear from sight and mind and leave the normal, the mundanes, the muggles to mumble and bumble their way through life, cheering the story telling of Dheepan at Cannes, exploring the doubt of a game of thrones, shocking up the horror of a dead Robin a’la William. Protesting, encouraging and arguing over that war tactic, this climate change, that money market, this food shortage, that political manipulation, this resource exploitation.

The have-it-all without wanting it all is to be reviled. Wiped off the face of the earth, if possible. Their very presence is an invalidation of the premise that nothing is worth having if it didn’t have to be paid for in blood, sweat, tears, battle, anger, jealousy or some other negative human effort or emotion.

So, armed with this dynamic, people joust with others engaged in the same game and call the resultant clashes, clouds, cacophonies and confusions…um…life? Giving and taking the short lived thrills and spills of a twilight flit and lilt between living and dying similar to the circuit breaking that occurs between dream states, wake states and sleep states in the REM phases of the night and calling it um… fulfillment?

Oh my god in heaven. Small wonder the world is full of people for whom the human state has withered away for they have chosen, actively, to betray it at every turn while earnestly professing to uphold its highest ideal.