Mrs Fernando was scheduled for amputation the following Thursday April 16th. In the past five years, she had been in and out of hospital for chronic infection for which the cause was unknown. She had been through various courses of IV antibiotics and still was not responding. The biggest challenge was that every single culture was mixed and there was a constant challenge to find the causative organism.

The most recent statistical data shows that annually over 300,000 patients are hospitalized due to infection and the related morbidity and mortality has been gradually increasing due to the accumulated effects of hospital acquired infections and overcrowding in wards. One of the challenges that conventional testing brings is that sensitivity of the tests are relatively low, averaging about sixty percent. Hence the clinician still has to make a call on whether to accept the output of the test or run another validation.  The next challenge is the speed of a provisional response, which conventionally takes two days, with a further confirmation in 7 to 14 days depending on the organism and several other factors.

“What does this mean in today’s day when technology has changed almost every sphere of our life? Credence Genomics has broken through with an innovative test, which on any sample can find all known types of bacteria or fungi”, says Director Credence Genomics, Dr Vaz Gnanam. “The test is able to provisionally give a confirmation of infection within 12 hours along with a genus and species identification within 48 hours, making it the fastest most precise test available globally. The technology developed by the innovative team at Credence has challenged the most chronic and resistant infectious cases at both government institutions and private health sector organizations, working closely with this disruptive technology”.

How does the team at Credence do this? Director Credence Raj Omprasadam, explained; “the team utilizes next generation sequencing and identifies bacteria and fungi from any biological, environmental or industrial sample. They can identify the entire spectrum of known bacteria and fungi in one test. This is a culture independent test with a 99.7 % accuracy and sensitivity”.

In acknowledgment of their advanced approached to infectious diseases, Credence has received the support of many of the top clinicians who have applied the test to acute and chronic infections. Mrs. Fernando was one of those patients who used Bactfast because her doctor believed in the application of the technology. This allowed Mrs. Fernando to go home, treated accurately for her infection and without an amputation. “Mrs. Mohammed, did her own research and came to us. Once we found out what caused her infection, we referred her to a clinician. She saved her fingers”.

The advantage of a disruptive technology such as this is, it not only saves lives and limbs but also increases the quality of life for all your loved ones.