The Tactical Role Playing Games (TRPGs) as a hashtag is currently trending online especially due to its popularity in Japan.

TRPGs are a subgenre of role playing games which, in Japan, are known as Simulation RPG games (SRPG). Japan, where the game is mainly popular, often incorporates fantasy elements into its game play. These games are often played on consoles. It is important to note, however, that the west create these games for Personal Computers (PC). But due to developers becoming more accustomed to creating real time and action based games, this style of gaming is becoming increasingly limited to consoles.

While mainly played by the Japanese, the subgenre can be seen in other parts of the world but less successfully. This is mainly due to the time consuming nature and level of difficulty often experienced in the game; therefore they are limited to a specific type of gamer. The game style after the 90s has however steadily grown in its popularity.

TRPGs as strategic games are descended from more traditional games such as chess, table top role playing games and war games.

TRPGs focus mainly on tactical rather than high level strategy game play.

Most TRPG’s focus on strategy causes exploration in virtual worlds to be limited. Third person exploration of towns and dungeons are less common while battle game play is put forward. However, like other RPG games, TRPGs use characters to be built, trained and used as different characters to be used in battle.

These characters will be awarded points which can be used to build their strengths according to their classes. Battles will often have conditions to win such as defeating all enemies or surviving a certain number of turns, so that the player can advance to other maps. In between battles, players can access their characters to equip them, change classes and train them depending on the game.

These battles are often played on maps known as isometric grids. The maps are parallel projections where the viewpoint is rotated slightly in order to form a three dimensional effect. The isometric grid is used in TRPGs in order to create tactical movements.

TRPGs often use different tactical methods using point and click interfaces, turn based strategy, multiple methods, and nonlinear branching story lines.

This genre in more recent years has been mixed with other styles of gaming such as stealth, military, real time strategy, action and horror.

TRPGs tend to be RPGs which focus on being single player unlike their counterparts, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Player Games (MMORPG). This causes people to more often play the game by themselves rather than as a community, often popular in present day gameplay.

While the game genre appears to be underplayed in the present, due to more advanced technology being used on newer genres, a sub culture exist to keep these types of gaming alive.